I've just seen my first rainbow at my countryside nest:

Good job Romanian team!!!
We came in the third place; I'm so proud!!! This was our song:

Germany won the competition. I love their song:

I also like these:

It was a good show; I enjoyed it :)
My pic made it here!!!
It's the one with the drop of water on a leaf. ( just in case you missed it in an earlier post :D )
I haven't done much lately. The weather didn't let me do what I had planned to, and so there's not much new around here.

I just want to share some pics I took this weekend at my countryside nest:

and a poppy again:

And here are some of my potted flowers:

I'll get my holiday in about two weeks' time, and then, as I always say at this time of the year, I'll do everything I've planned to, but I couldn't because of my busy schedule. (and in autumn, when school starts again I realise that I still haven't done everything....)
Ce idee grozava!!!
I got my Green Umbrella Campaign car stickers today!!!

It says: "I do not litter!"


I sent these:

We had horrible weather this weekend, and it's not over yet :( It was rainy, windy, cold....horrible.

I had to stay indoors, longing for the sun. And since I didn't feel like working, I had the tv on and did this:

Am citit ceva minunat si in acelasi timp trist aici
My computer has been out of order for a few days and then I had some hectic days, but now I'm back blogging.

I haven't done much in my countryside nest, not as much as would have wanted to anyway. I'm waiting for the weather to be on my side so that the workers whom I have hired to finish their job, that is, to level my garden, or better, my orchard to be :)

Until then, this is what welcomes me in the garden:

This weekend I have planted flowers in some of the newly painted pots.

Other pots are still waiting for tenants.

I've done a little gardening, too, but there's still a lot to do.