Remember the first cucumber flower? here is the first cucumber:


I woke up early this morning with big plans to fulfil :)
Well, I can check only the first thing on my "to do list", that is pruning the vine (finishing the pruning actually, because the endless rain didn't let me finish what I'd started a long, long time ago :D )
But (there is always a but) I did many other things that were not on my list: weeding the flower beds, grating some apples to put in the freezer for the apple-pies I'm going to make this coming winter (apples from my garden which you can see in one of the pictures below in a large basket), sipping coffee while taking long breaks to admire my terrace and my flowers in their newly painted pots,making a delicious sour soup with fresh vegetables from my garden (I made even the noodles, so it's really homemade), making a bit of apricot jam and writing this post.
You'll see in one of the pictures a cat sleeping among the flower pots ( it seems that he likes my work :D).Theoretically, the cat is mine because it belonged to the people from whom I bought the house. Now, imagine how happy I was to be landed with a cat when I have two hamsters!!! Don't get me wrong, I love cats. Before moving to a flat I lived in a house where, in time, I had many cats. But in a flat it is difficult to keep a cat, so, I decided to buy hamsters, and now every time I miss having a cat around I think of the well-being of my beloved rodents. Their very well-being worried me when I saw that there are about five cats that visit my yard daily. I got them a cage ( the hamsters, not the cats) which I thought very safe before witnessing the attack of a cat, so, for every time we leave the safety of the flat and venture in the land of cats, I came up with this:

Now everybody expects to see some birds and are all very surprised that to see no wings.

I almost forgot what I was initially talking about - the cat- here it is:

Here is the rest of the terrace:

And here are two of the flowers  that have recently bloomed:

Oh, and I almost forgot of my new cacti collection:

Remember I gave some old flower pots a "facial lift"? Well, a friend of mine saw what I did and gave me some tile paint. It is absolutely great!!! My flowerpots got not only a facial lift but a whole make over :)
This is how they looked before:

First, I applied a coat of tile paint on all the pots. I got two hues of brown and I used the lighter hue on the pots, and the darker one on the "saucers" that go under the pots. Here is the story in images:

Then I used the old acrylic paint for the last touch. But as there were so many pots I left some for later :) I promise to post some more pictures to show off!!!

Now, the before and after pics:

PS  And here they are now:


I've shown off my pots makeover here

Thank you Cindy!!!

Thank you Claudia!!!

and here

Thank you Donna!!!
Yesterday, my friend Dora visited my countryside nest and she made my day. She brought me something that I really love!!!!!!!!! This is the present. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you Dora!!! :)
I had a great morning working in the garden and I am very pleased because I did almost everything I wanted to do. I weeded two flower beds and a part of the plot where the tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and zucchinis are. The nice surprise of this morning was the first cucumber flower. Here it is:

Last week I remembered that I had heard somewhere that people who grew watermelons used a plastic bottle for each plant, as shown in the picture below, to make sure the plant had enough water. I tried it on the cucumbers and the zucchinis and the formers thanked me with two flowers :)

This method works for me. For my plants, too, apparently. I just check the bottle now and then to see if I need to add some water. I don't have to worry anymore that the water is too cold for the warm ground. I'm thinking of trying it on the pepper plants, too, because they love water, too.
Here are a few flowers that have been saved from the wicked weeds (I was their hero:D):

And here is a potted flower that gave me this beauty:

I've been waiting for the summer holiday the whole year, making plans and postponing things for when I have more time. Now that it's finally here, I can't decide what to do firstand I end up doing almost nothing, far less than howl much I do when I have my work, too, anyway. It's so frustrating!!! I keep telling myself that I haven't found my pace yet. Hopefully I'll find it before the holiday is over :D
Almost nothing doesn't mean nothing at all so here is what I did this weekend:

The vine needid pruning badly!!! We've had too much rain here lately, so I'm behind with my garden. There's too much work to be done so I needed to decide what the most important thing to do was, and it was the pruning of the vine. I haven't finished as you can see in the second picture but I have very little left. My vegetable garden doesn't look too bad even though it meeds digging.

The flower beds are in a really bad shape that's why I'm not going to post pictures before they can be seen.
I just hope I'll do everything I've planned :)
Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

Wait ! I almost forgot about my lilies. It was so nice to see them in bloom when I entered the yard, and the fragrance...heavenly!

The break is what I love about work :D
And here it is now, I'm in holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!