I woke up early this morning with big plans to fulfil :)
Well, I can check only the first thing on my "to do list", that is pruning the vine (finishing the pruning actually, because the endless rain didn't let me finish what I'd started a long, long time ago :D )
But (there is always a but) I did many other things that were not on my list: weeding the flower beds, grating some apples to put in the freezer for the apple-pies I'm going to make this coming winter (apples from my garden which you can see in one of the pictures below in a large basket), sipping coffee while taking long breaks to admire my terrace and my flowers in their newly painted pots,making a delicious sour soup with fresh vegetables from my garden (I made even the noodles, so it's really homemade), making a bit of apricot jam and writing this post.
You'll see in one of the pictures a cat sleeping among the flower pots ( it seems that he likes my work :D).Theoretically, the cat is mine because it belonged to the people from whom I bought the house. Now, imagine how happy I was to be landed with a cat when I have two hamsters!!! Don't get me wrong, I love cats. Before moving to a flat I lived in a house where, in time, I had many cats. But in a flat it is difficult to keep a cat, so, I decided to buy hamsters, and now every time I miss having a cat around I think of the well-being of my beloved rodents. Their very well-being worried me when I saw that there are about five cats that visit my yard daily. I got them a cage ( the hamsters, not the cats) which I thought very safe before witnessing the attack of a cat, so, for every time we leave the safety of the flat and venture in the land of cats, I came up with this:

Now everybody expects to see some birds and are all very surprised that to see no wings.

I almost forgot what I was initially talking about - the cat- here it is:

Here is the rest of the terrace:

And here are two of the flowers  that have recently bloomed:

Oh, and I almost forgot of my new cacti collection:

9 Responses
  1. Dana Says:

    Multe mai ai pe lista.....Ai o terasa superba!!!!!!

  2. Mona Says:

    Multumesc Dana!!!
    Apropos de liste... la liste si facut planuri sunt realizatul planurilor e mai greu :(

  3. ba_laura Says:

    mona, de fiecare data cand intru pe blogul tau, simt in ceafa ranjetul satisfacut al proafei de engleza din liceu si-un "ti-am zis eu !" nerostit falfaie discret in jurul meu ...

    imi place terasa, florile, vita de vie, cred ca e un loc minunat unde sa petreci o zi frumoasa de vara (desi chiar si cand ploua trebuie sa fie bine).
    asa ca inteleg optiunea matzei, si chiar ma roade o lejera stare de invidie.

  4. Mona Says:

    ba_laura, iti multumesc pentru mesaj si de compliment!!! si ca o "proafa de engleza" veritabila ce ma aflu :D nu m-am putut abtine sa nu-mi fac blogul in engleza, dar, de cand v-am descoperit pe voi, blogaritzele pasionate de gradinarit, ma bate gandul sa scriu textele si in romana

  5. Alexandra Says:

    Pai ia sa ma scrii si in romana, ca tocmai imi incordam creierii sa scriu ceva in engleza mea prafuita, cand am vazut ca fetele astea scriu in romana si atunci, hop si eu cu ramana. Ai o terasa foarte frumoasa. Cand ne inviti la o cafea, sa stam si noi la povesti, ca fetele... Da' in romana sa fie!

  6. Mona Says:

    Alexandra, anytime si,
    ok, promit sa bem cafeaua in romana! :D
    Iti multumesc pentru compliment!!!

  7. Linistita terasa ta! Tot sa stai cu o carte in mana si pisica in brate.
    Imi place tare mult.
    Pisica este si ea vopsita? :)

  8. Hi Mona!

    Oh, your terrace and flowers look wonderful! It looks like a very inviting place to spend some time!

  9. Mona Says:

    pai, exceptand luatul pisicii in brate(nu ca nu mi-ar placea, dar matza mai neingrijita n-am vazut! ii gasesc scuza in varsta inaintata dupa cum am inteles de la vecini), cum mai termin cu muncile agricole si alte indeletniciri domestice, ma cuibaresc si evadez in ceva bun de citit

    @ Diann@The Thrifty Groove
    I'm happy you like it and hope you'll come back!